Call # 2009 - 283

On the afternoon of July 16th, 2009, East Gaston E-300, E-303, S-309, Mt Holly E-34 and Community E-32 were dispatched to a reported house fire on Rollingwood Drive.  Chief Hovis, who lives in the neighborhood, had just left his home to go to work and was quickly on-scene with a single story residence with heavy fire showing from the garage.  E-300 arrived shortly and deployed a 2 1/2" line to the garage.  E-34, E-303, S-309 and E-32 all arrived and assisted with fire control, provided water, and conducted a primary and secondary search in the house.  Tanker 32 was special called for water and Alexis E-200 was also special called for manpower due to the high temperatures that day.  Two 1 3/4" lines and a 2 1/2" line controlled the fire within 15 minutes.

One interesting thing found was that the homeowner was redoing their backyard and had removed the rear decks.  They had put a  2"/4" in the doorway but a firefighter crawling might not run into it.