Call on 6-14-2005

On June 14th, 2005 East Gaston E-300, E-303, S-309 and Mt Holly L-34 were dispatched to a fire alarm at Buckeye Paper Company.  While enroute, Gaston Co. Communications reported that ehy were receiving reports of a fire at the location.  3001 advised to fill the box and strike a second alarm as per East Gaston SOGs.  The box was filled adding Community E-323 and Alexis E-200.  The second alarm consisted of Stanley T-220, Lucia-Riverbend E-310, Lowell E-173 and McAdenville E-400.  E-300 arrived with smoke showing from the PM-2 side in the warehouse.  E-300 and L-34's crews stretched a single 1 3/4" line into the building.  The sprinkler system had the fire contained to several large rolls in the warehouse.  The workers has also pulled a 1" line and had been attacking the fire.  The fire was contained in less than 10 minutes, but crews stayed on scene for almost two hours.