Call # 2009-288

On Sunday, July 19th, S-309 was dispatched to an unknown medical at Pierce Ave and Oakwood Dr.  Asst. Chief Kennedy came up on the call and found a MVA with a rollover, patient was out of the vehicle.  The call was upgraded to a MVA with an auto launch with MED-Center Air.  Mt Holly E-34 and R-34 responded to the scene and E-303 went to Gaston County Dye for the landing zone.  E-300 arrived and assisted with patient care.  S-309, E-34, and R-34 arrived but were returned to service.  One patient with non-life threatening injuries was transported to Gaston Memorial.  The landing zone was cancelled.  E-300 remained on-scene with gas leaking from the vehicle until the wrecker removed the vehicle.