Retired East Gaston Apparatus

Engine 300 (1998 to 2009)

1997/1981 Freightliner/Firecat

Originally was E-301 and was refurbished by Anchor-Richey and remounted on to the Freightliner FL80 chassis in 1997.  Was Delivered in January of 1998.  Operated as E-300 until it was replaced by the new 300 that was delivered in May of 2009.  Had a 1000 GPM pump and a 1000 gallon tank.  Sold to North Stoneyville VFD.

Engine 301

1981 Ford Firecat


Engine 303 (1992 to 2009)

1991 Grumman Firecat

Delivered in early 1992 as one of the last Grummans to leave the plant, had a 1250 GPM pump and 1000 gallon tank.  Served until February of 2009 when it was replaced by the current 303.  Was donated to Gaston College the same month it was taken out of service.

Brush 307


Brush 308