Rescue 309

2000 Freightliner/American Fire Eagle

309 provides air and light support on fires and provides additional extrication equipment on vehicle rescues.  309 is first-out on medical calls and is second out on wrecks and is third out on fires and fire alarms.  One additional role that 309 fills is that it is on all mutual aid calls with 303 and in some areas, mainly Station 20, 32, and 33's areas, it is on boxes to provide lights and cascade services by itself.

309 has a 330 HP Cummins engine and utilizes a Allison 3000 EVS transmission.  Off of this comes an Onan 10Kw generator to run a CommandLight 6000 watt scene lights.  Also, a four-bottle 6000 psi cascade system is attached to the chassis with a single bottle fill station.