2008 Spartan/Smeal

303 was originally bought to replace old 300, a 1997 Freightliner with a refurbished 1981 Grumman body.  303 was bought as a demo truck from Metrolina Fire/Rescue.  When 303 arrived in late January, it replaced old 303, which was donated to Gaston College to be used as a training apparatus.  When 300 arrived, this truck was renumbered to it's current number as 303.

303 is first-out on assist calls in Stations 20, 22, 32, 33 and 34.  It is second out in our district on structure and vehicle fires and is second out on fire alarms.

303 is equipped with a 1000 gallon Poly-Tank.  It also has a 1500 GPM Waterous single stage pump.  This is powered by a Allison 4000 EVS transmission and a Detroit Series 60 445 HP engine.  An Onan 10 KW hydraulic generator provides power to the electrical outlets on the truck.  Insta-Chains allows 303 to respond to calls in icy and snowy weather.

The cab of 303 allows for the truck to carry 6 firefighters, two up front, as pictured here.  They have controls for the sirens, lights and the radio.

Firefighters in the back have four Scott SCBAs, five Survivor flashlights, five radios and a Scott TIC.

The pump is the business end of the truck.  The two 1 3/4" pre-connects are located above the pump panel.  The pump is a 1500 GPM single stage Waterous.  303 is equipped with a Fire Commander pressure governor.

The engineer's compartment allows the driver to store their gear and also is the storage area for the assorted appliances and nozzles that might be needed on the fire ground