2009 Spartan/Smeal

300 was purchased when the need arose to replace the aging 303, which was a 1991 Grumman.  The process for replacing the apparatus started last January and ended this June when the truck was delivered. 

Currently, 300 is the first-due engine in our district and responds first out on wrecks, fires, including brush, vehicle and structure fires and on fire alarms and other non-emergency calls.

300 is equipped with a 1000 gallon Poly Tank.  It also has a 2000 GPM Waterous single stage pump.  This is powered by an Allison 4000 EVS transmission and a Detroit Series 60 445 HP engine.  An Onan hydraulic generator over the pump provides power to the electrical outlets on the truck.  A Williams WTP 1500 Class A/B foam system is also installed on the truck with a 30 gallon foam tank.  Insta-Chains allows the truck to respond in snowy and icy weather.

300 is equipped with a VMUX computer which allows the driver to control anything dealing with the truck from the driver's seat.  Environmental systems, generator, emergency lights, scene lights, high idle and door open features gives the driver unlimited access to information about the truck.

Firefighters in the back of the truck have access to Survivor LED flashlights, a Scott TIC, map books, Motorola HT 1250 radios and Scott air packs

300 has a Waterous single stage pump with a Williams WTP 1500 series foam tank.  A Detroit Diesel pressure governor is also installed on the pump panel.  A removable tri-pod light is to the left of the pump panel.  A booster line is above the pump panel.

The engineer's compartment provides the driver of the truck with additional equipment that might be needed on the fireground, but is not readily accessible on the truck.  A toolbox is in the compartment to fix anything within reason and a cooler is provided for firefighters to have cold drinking water

This compartment provides long-handled tools for firefighters to use on incidents.  Below the compartment in the silver doors are extra SCBA bottles for firefighters to switch out their empty bottles.

This compartment allows firefighters to remove smoke and heat from a building.  A ventilation saw, which allows firefighters to cut holes to allow heat and smoke to escape, is in the bottom left.  An electric fan to remove heat and smoke is in the bottom right.  A saw used to clear trees during storms is on the top shelf.  Bar oil and mixed gas for the saws is also on the top shelf.

300 carries two 1 3/4" 200' attack lines on both sides of the hose bed for initial attacks.  Two 2 1/2" 200' attack lines are between the  1 3/4" lines and the 5".  1000' of 5" supply line occupies the center space.

The rear compartment under the hose bed contains a Phoenix Model 18 Combination tool with pump and 100' of hydraulic reel.  Next to this is a 100' electric cord reel to provide power to electric lights and equipment.  Also pictured are two 25' hydraulic lines and two step chalks to provide support for wrecked vehicles.

In this compartment are three pull out tool trays that contain any type of hand tools that firefighters might need on incidents.

This compartment contains EMS equipment.  All EGVFD apparatus carry EMS equipment to respond to medical emergencies.

This compartment holds some of the excess equipment on the truck.  Oil-Dry for containing fluids at wrecks is in here.  Also, search rope and some hand tools are in here along with an electric saw-zall and an electric junction box.

Mounted above the passenger side body is a hydraulic ladder rack that carries a 28' extension ladder, two 16' roof ladders, one 10' attic ladder and storage for three pike poles of various lengths

This is the passenger side pump panel.  A 5" intake and a 5" discharge are located on this side.  An electric reel and junction box are above the panel.  A removable tri-pod light is to the right of the panel.

100' pre-connect is located in the bumper as a trash line for use where a short stretch is needed, such as vehicle fires, protection line for vehicle accidents and an additional line for structure fires.